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Mini Dental Implant

Woman smiling after getting mini dental implants at Summercrest Dental in Beaverton, OR As the name suggests, mini dental implants are smaller in size, but carry the same structure as regular dental implants, whether multiple tooth or single tooth implants. They're usually a one-piece screw which is less than 3mm in diameter, whereas a regular dental implant is 3-6mm.

While mini implants are a wonderful option for people who can't have traditional implants, they may not be a good fit for every type of tooth loss. Nonetheless, their rising popularity isn't without reason. If you don't have the ability to undergo invasive surgery or enough time to visit your dentist often, you can consider the possibility of undergoing a mini dental implant surgery. Come see us at Summercrest Dental to find out if mini dental implants are right for you.

Who Can Benefit from Mini Dental Implants?

Mini implants are ideal alternatives for patients who are not good candidates for conventional implants. In the past, these implants were used as temporary devices. Later, dentists discovered they could fuse to the jawbone similarly to regular implants. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved them as one of the tooth replacement options for patients with severe bone loss. They resemble regular implants but are small in length and thickness. They are also ideal for replacing small teeth, such as the incisors, as they can fit even in narrow spaces. People with small jaws will benefit largely from these options. Their small size makes the dental implant placement process less painful than traditional implants. However, the mini implants don't offer adequate stability, and our dentist will have to place more than one mini implant for better function. Mini implants are ideal for patients with poor bone density. They fit and securely attach to a very narrow jawbone volume and act as roots of your artificial teeth. Mini implants are cheaper alternatives and ideal for people with severe bone loss.

Mini Dental Implant Procedure

First of all, your dentist may perform dental x-rays to determine where the implants are needed. Upon their completion, the dentist will start by applying a local anesthetic to numb your jaw and gums. Then, they drill a tiny hole in your jaw, following which they place a small dental impact post. Upon securely tightening the post, they will attach the replacement tooth in place.

Schedule an Appointment for a Mini Dental Implant Today

Mini dental implants carry several benefits. From being convenient to requiring little to no recovery period, they certainly sound like a better choice than regular dental implants. While they're less time-consuming and don't take a toll on your strength, they may not be the best fit for every scenario. Based on a number of factors, our professionals at Summercrest Dental will ensure to run you through the process and guide you every step of the way. Getting you close to your healthiest and happiest smile is our ultimate goal. Contact us at (503) 649-7701 to schedule a consultation.

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