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CEREC Same Day Crowns
Beaverton, OR

Dental assistant assisting with CEREC technology at Summercrest Dental in Beaverton, ORChairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramic crowns - CEREC crowns for short - are the strongest available dental crowns and are easily manufactured by our team of office professionals. CEREC crowns are tooth-shaped caps placed on damaged, discolored, or deformed teeth. They are typically manufactured out of a single ceramic block. Here at Summercrest Dental, our highly trained staff can place CEREC crowns in a single appointment. Contact us today for a consultation.

When Are CEREC Crowns Necessary?

CEREC Same Day Crowns are a viable cosmetic dentistry alternative if a tooth is brown or yellow or if the finish simply is not bright enough. This type of crown is an excellent choice to correct teeth that are out of alignment or damaged in any way.
CEREC crowns are made of ceramic and designed, manufactured, and placed on a same-day basis. This type of dental crown is far better than normal crowns - also known as lab crowns - because they are placed on the tooth using Computer Assisted Technology (CAT) and can be done in a single office visit.

Why CEREC Same Day Crowns?

While lab crowns can take a minimum of two weeks for production and placement, CEREC Same Day Crowns are manufactured and placed almost immediately. By manufacturing and placing the crowns during a single visit, this not only saves time but also decreases transportation costs for our patients.

Due to using Computer Assisted Technology during the placement process, CEREC Same Day Crowns are more accurately placed on affected teeth and require no future adjustments. This not only increases the comfort level while biting and chewing, but also ensures the dental crowns will adhere to the teeth much longer than lab crowns.

CEREC Same Day Crowns also appear more natural due to the manufacturing process not using a metal core. Because of this, our office can easily produce dental crowns which match the color of the surrounding teeth, giving a more natural appearance to our patient’s smiles.

The CEREC Crown Process

The CEREC crown manufacturing process is different from the production of lab crowns. An intraoral scanner makes a digital impression which is in turn used by the production machine. These scans are sent to the CAD/CAM software machine. From these scans, a digital tooth restoration is generated for the milling machine to manufacture the CEREC Same Day Crown out of ceramic within 15 minutes or so. Once it is ready, our team polishes the crown and matches it to the color of the surrounding teeth before finally placing the dental crown on the affected tooth.

Disadvantages of CEREC Crowns

One drawback of choosing CEREC Same Day Crowns over lab crowns is the higher cost. Another disadvantage is the production and placement of CEREC Same Day Crowns cannot be done at all offices. The placement and production requires far more training than lab crowns do. Because of this, not all dental practices offer CEREC Same Day Crowns as a viable crown placement option.

We are happy to inform you that here at Summercrest Dental our team of professionals are highly trained and more than capable of performing the CEREC crown placement procedure. Visit us during normal office hours to get a CEREC Same Day Crown placed or feel free to call (503) 649-7701 with questions or to schedule an office visit.

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Visit us during normal office hours to get a CEREC Same Day Crown placed or feel free to call with questions or to schedule an office visit.
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