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Dentistry For Kids

Getting started on a good oral hygiene regimen is incredibly important, even for young teeth! While we adults understand automatically the importance of routine dental exams, younger children may not quite understand how essential these appointments are. Even worse, while adults may be nervous about going to see us, kids may be outright terrified! Teaching your little ones about coming to see us here at Summercrest Dental is a great way to establish a good relationship with us while also teaching good lifelong dental habits. As pediatric dentists, we know exactly how to put your child at ease while they are in our dental chair.

What is a Pediatric Dentist and Why Should Your Kid See One?

Your child will start to grow his or her first teeth as early as six months in age, and their permanent teeth will start to show up as early as seven years old. Taking care of these teeth is vital to ensure not only a healthy and beautiful smile but also to take care of their overall wellness. Healthy teeth and gums can prevent a wide variety of complications later on in life, such as infection, tooth loss, and even heart disease.

What makes a pediatric dentist stand out? Well, for starters, we have an extra two years of education and training (in addition to four years of dental school), giving us the skill and knowledge to treat your little one. We also know how to talk to your child, helping put their minds at ease and banish any fears or anxiety that they may have about their appointment. For instance, if the sound of our handpiece (the drill) bothers you, you can only imagine how a child must feel about it. We take the time to carefully explain what every single one of our tools does, helping put your child at ease.

Not only are we compassionate and gentle, but we also can help you, as a parent, start your child on good habits. We can work with you to ensure they develop a proper bite alignment, prevent tooth decay, and can even help make sure their teeth do not get damaged by their bottle or pacifier. Moreover, if your child does develop tooth decay, we can gently and effectively treat the cavity before it gets worse.

We will not stop taking care of your child as they grow into adolescence, either. Teenagers are also welcome here, and we will help them as they grow into adulthood. If your child needs braces, look no further than us! We can even help fit your young athlete with a mouthguard to help prevent damaged or lost teeth while playing sports, and if your child does suffer from unwanted tooth loss or trauma while playing sports, we can also help take care of that, too!

If you have a child, then you understandably want to take them to a dentist who will treat them kindly and gently, as they would treat their child. To learn more about our office and the benefits of choosing a pediatric dentist, or to schedule an exam at our office for your kid, please give us here at Summercrest Dental a call at (503) 567-8827 today!
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